Trapezoidal thread - rolling

Rolled threads have many advantages. Their main benefits include the increase of strength by means of cold forming,†very good surface roughness values, reduced notch sensitivity, high dimensional accuracy, cost-effective production for larger lots and many others.
We roll trapezoidal threads according to DIN 103, in the usual tolerance of 7e. This type of thread is known under its name, because the section of the thread most often resembles an isosceles trapezoid. Besides common size bolts we can also produce, upon customer request, atypical and unusual diameters, most often in the dimensions from Tr 10 up to Tr 120, according to DIN 103. On your request we will also manufacture the pitch and running direction out of this basic series (if technically feasible).
The most often used material for the production of rolled trapezoidal rods is non-alloy high-grade steel for case hardening C15 (also known as steel »SN 12020/W.Nr. 1.1141), another frequently used and customer favourite material is non-alloy structural steel S355J0 (»SN 11523/W.Nr. 1.0553). Another considerable group includes†corrosion-proof and†stainless materials, of which the most important are†austenitic steels of Grade A2 (»SN 17240/W.Nr. 1.4301/AISI 304) and A4 (»SN 17346/W.Nr. 1.4401/AISI 316). Additional materials at your request.
For requests and technical queries on the production of trapezoidal rods by rolling, please contact us in the REQUEST section†or by phone†Ė we will be glad to help you.

Gallery - Rolled trapezoidal threads

Rolled trapezoidal thread DIN 103, steel C15Rolled trapezoidal thread DIN 103, steel C15Rolled trapezoidal thread, stainless steel 1.4301


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