Custom certification

   But we can also provide other certificates according to your requirements for our products. We cooperete with leading certification authorities in the Czech Republic and Europe. Some of these documents are free of charge, others has to be charged.
   Requirement to these certificates should be always placed together with the order. Otherwise we are not able to guarantee the possibility of making the certificates additionally.

Types of inspection documents
EN 10204:

- Declaration of compliance with the order "2.1" -  sample document
- Certificate "2.2" -  sample document
- Inspection certificate "3.1" -  sample document
- Inspection certificate "3.2" -  sample document not available

Other types of inspection documents

- Dimensional checklist -  sample document
- Test report -  sample document
   We provide a declaration of conformity and declaration of performance for the standard fasteners. These documents can be downloaded for free in PDF format in section Standard certificates and declarations.
   For more information please contact us in the REQUEST, by e-mail or by phone – we will be glad to help you.

Example of custom production

Custom production - thread rollingCustom production - studsCustom production - CNC lathe turning


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